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Stats: 5 months old, male

Location: Austin, TX

Intake: 09/16/2023

Adoption Fee: $325

Hi, I’m Bungee, a 5-month-old, 24 lb. bundle of Aussie cuteness. At least, that’s what my foster parents say about me. I came into care from a shelter, and let me tell you, that place scared me! I sure was glad to get out of there! I’ve learned so much and look forward to a forever home that includes a playful dog, daily walks, and continued regular socialization at home and out and about!

When I first came to live in my foster home, I was not sure about the people. I took the “watch and learn” route – letting my three foster “sisters” lead the way. It didn’t take long before I was hanging in the kitchen waiting for dinner, enjoying being cuddled by my humans, and playing wild games of chase with my youngest foster sister. She’s a rocket, but with my long legs I can run, cut, and turn with the best of them!

I’ve graduated from being crated at night and when left alone. Now I get to sleep in the bed with everyone, and I’m gated with my “sisters” when our humans go away. In fact, when I see my foster mom is ready to leave for work, I curl up in my donut bed! She tells me every day as she walks out the door that I’m a “good boy!” I do know how to turn on the charm.

Because I’m reticent about exploring new places, my foster parents take me almost everywhere they go! Gas station…yep, I’m there. Grocery store curbside…that’s me sitting in the front seat. The bank drive-thru…every time they go, but I’m not getting any richer…what’s up with that? I’ve been to stores, restaurant patios, and the farmer’s market. Some places, like the farmer’s market, scared me, so we’re doing repeat visits, which I know need to continue in my forever home.

In this home, quite a few people come to visit. The first time a visitor came, I was very nervous and barked a lot. But now, after several visitors and positive experiences, I’m much more welcoming of guests and am comfortable coming up to say hello and get pets. Kids still give me pause – not sure what to make of them, so I’d do better without kiddos in my forever home.

I’m not a chewer, but I do have a keen eye for collecting. I like the idea of bringing the outdoors inside. Sticks, leaves, rocks, and acorns are fabulous collectibles, but my humans don’t share my fascination. So, I’ve tried collecting socks, flip-flops, wash cloths, anything that’s in reach or left on the floor – that’s not a hit either. But, I hear my parents telling people that I’m really a good puppy. And, I almost forgot… I’ve been doing really well on potty training and haven’t had an accident in a couple of weeks!

What am I looking for in my furever home? First and foremost, people who understand I’m puppy who will need to continue training, both in home and in public. I LOVE walks, so daily walks, on different surfaces and routes, will be a must. I also got to experience hanging out at the lake and I think I’m a fan of the water! I’m working on commands like sit, down, and stay. I can sit with the best of them but need continued practice on my other commands. I like the confident boy I’m becoming, so I’ll need to be included in social outings regularly. I’d love a nice, playful canine friend. I’ve learned a lot from my foster sisters. And because I’m a puppy, a donut bed for stashing my collectibles would be icing on the new home cake!

Bungee is up to date on all core vaccines, microchipped, and on monthly Heartworm preventative. He is being fostered in Austin and is available to adopt in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen, you must be able to travel to Austin within 7 days of application approval. If you have an application on file with us already and would like to be considered for Bungee, please email or message us!

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