Stats: 3 males, 2 females

Location: TX

Adoption Fee: TBD

As of May 29, Jasmine’s pups are 1 week old and growing like weeds!

Jasmine has been an excellent mom and very attentive to all of their needs. The first week is the most critical time for newborns, so we are thankful to have five fat and happy pups so far! Now we just wait for them to open their eyes in about another week!

Blue collar = Simba

Light green collar = Tigger

Lavendar collar = Merida

Orange collar = Ariel 

Pink collar = Moana

***They sure are cute, but please hold off on any applications for them. We don’t do pre-adoptions for any puppies! We will begin accepting applications around 8-10 weeks of age and will work to match personalities to the best fit adopters at that time!


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