Stats: 11-13 years old, female

Location: TX

Intake: 06/03/2022

Adoption Fee: TBD

We've welcomed back one of our LSAR pups. She was known as Athena with us, but has been known as Cupcake in the four years since she was with us, so we're letting her keep that name. She was a senior when we had her before and is that much more of a senior now at 11-13 years old based on the vet's original estimate. Sadly, her adopted family experienced health issues and needed help, so we gladly brought her back into our rescue. She's in pretty rough shape as a little old lady with a litany of issues, but she's already seen our senior pup specialist vet and we have a game plan going forward.


She has pretty extreme arthritis, bronchitis, and a droopy left side of her face from unknown cause at this time, but thankfully her bloodwork and labs look ok! She's started on all the good stuff - joint supplements and medications to help all her issues, and we hope to have her comfortable soon. Rest assured, her sass is intact and she wants nothing but love and to follow her person around!

Welcome back to LSAR Cupcake - we've got you!

Adoption applications for this pet will not be accepted at this time. All incoming Aussies are evaluated for a minimum 3 weeks to allow to them time to decompress and receive any necessary medical care. Applications will be accepted only when the pet's full and complete bio is posted here/facebook. If interested in this pet, please look for updates on our facebook page or bookmark this page in your browser. Thank you!