Stats: 2 years old, male

Location: Dallas, TX

Intake: 06/21/22

Adoption Fee: $275

Dusty is a gorgeous dilute blue merle, estimated 2-year-old, medium-high energy standard boy who weighs 47 lbs. and hasn’t met a stranger yet! This boy is ready for adventure and is pretty much awesome all-around – he loves people, he loves dogs and playing, he loves going out and about, he rides great in a car, and is about perfect at home.

Dusty loves playing with other dogs and is a social butterfly. He’s forward in his play style but does take cues from other dogs if he’s a little too much. Ideally, his perfect match either in home or via playdates would be a dog with a similar style of play and wrestling. He’s excellent at a dog park as he goes from person to person and is ready to play with any dog who obliges him. He has met a dog-savvy cat and did not bother him.

Dusty can play fetch till the cows come home and is excellent at returning and dropping it, he’s dabbled in swimming and is a fan, and would probably make an amazing running and hiking buddy when it’s not a million degrees outside. He loves his early morning walks and has very good leash manners. He’d make an excellent go along to work dog, especially if there are more people he can get attention from! That nub starts going and doesn’t stop as long as he’s getting attention! He'd probably love going to patio restaurants, breweries, or anywhere and everywhere a well-mannered dog can accompany you.


Dusty gets attached to his people quickly and is the epitome of a “Velcro dog” who will be always by your side. He is very intelligent and knows all basic commands plus some extras including sit, stay, down, settle, wait, leave it, kennel, off, and has amazing recall with a whistle and his name, and could certainly keep on leaning so many more! Dusty greets company with his whole body wagging and is working on keeping his excitement grounded instead of jumping up on people, but is nothing but loveable the whole time. He's good at settling down and chilling if you work from home or just generally after a busy day of activity when it's time to snuggle!

Dusty is fully potty trained and will let you know when he needs to go outside. He knows how to use a dog door as well. He is kennel trained and will sleep a full 8 hours without a peep (if you get his energy out before bedtime).


Dusty is up to date on all vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and current on heartworm and flea prevention. He is being fostered in Dallas and is available for adoption in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen for adoption, you must be able to travel to Dallas within 7 days of application approval.