Stats: 2 years old, female

Location: Houston, TX

Adoption Fee: $275


  • Highly active, sport home preferred (agility, disc, flyball)

Meet Easton! She’s a 2-year-old high energy small standard tri pup, around 43 pounds. She’s a very energetic girl who needs plenty of exercise, fetch , and stimulation daily.

She makes friends easily with all sizes of dogs and humans alike. Easton also loves cats (even if the cats don’t always love her back), but she can take a hint to back off.

She is perfectly happy being your shadow all day long, but is also kennel-trained if you’re going somewhere she can’t join. We’ve found that she behaves very well uncrated when we’re away for short periods, but if gone for longer, she’s had some nervous accidents even though she is house-trained.

Easton has mastered fetch and catch to the point of obsession with her tennis balls. She’s still learning how to play with toys that aren’t her balls but enjoys wrestling with her foster sister, a larger 60-pound Aussie as well. This very athletic girl has about a 5-foot vertical jump and loves showing off at the dog park, but won’t mind a bit if a new friend wants to share her ball. With her athleticism, willingness to please, and confidence, she would likely thrive at dog sports like agility, disc , or flyball.

Easton is also very talkative, especially when she wants the ball thrown, and will definitely talk your ear off about it! She is an excited jumper, but responds very well to her off command.

While Easton is very athletic, she also craves mental stimulation. She is very eager to learn and enjoys a good challenge like hide and seek with her ball. She also has several commands and phrases she’s familiar with, including ball/find it, kennel, sit, down, drop it, play, all done/go lay down (though this one may take some repeating, haha!), outside/inside, go potty, treat, and hungry.

When it’s finally time to wind down, Easton loves to snuggle, and even gives hugs, but watch out because she can’t hold her licker! Get ready for tons of puppy kisses! She has a talent for finding the perfect spot to snuggle up with you, and when she’s relaxing on the floor, she kicks her legs out behind her in the cutest “sploot” every time.

Easton is up to date on all vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, Heartworm negative, and current on Heartworm and flea prevention.


She is being fostered in the Houston area and is available for adoption in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen for adoption, you must be able to travel to Houston within 7 days of application approval.