Stats: 9 years old, female

Location: TX

Intake: 9/28/22

Adoption Fee: TBD

This sweet angel took a freedom ride with us today! Her name is Eleanor and she's estimated to be 9-11 years (awaiting vet confirmation) who wound up as an unclaimed stray at a busy city shelter. While our focus is primarily full Aussies, the occasional Border Collie mix joins us and Eleanor's face and eyes were pleading for help and a ticket out of the hectic shelter. Our volunteer/temp foster who picked her up today confirmed what the shelter volunteers and employees said - that she is just about the sweetest thing, even giving kisses on the ride out! Unfortunately, it's evident she's had a rough life - her poor ears are crumpled over from presumed chronic ear infections like she has now. She's missing some hair on her backend and smells yeasty all over, she appears to have at least one mammary tumor (insert reminder that this is yet another bad result of not getting female dogs spayed) that will need to be checked out as soon as possible, and she ambles along as older dogs do who have untreated arthritis. We hope to get her into the vet soon to get a good overall assessment of her along with a Heartworm test.


Keep an eye out for more updates on Eleanor!


Welcome to LSAR and better days sweet girl!

Adoption applications for this pet will not be accepted at this time. All incoming Aussies are evaluated for a minimum 3 weeks to allow to them time to decompress and receive any necessary medical care. Applications will be accepted only when the pet's full and complete bio is posted here/facebook. If interested in this pet, please look for updates on our facebook page or bookmark this page in your browser. Thank you!