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Stats: 8 years old, female

Location: Dallas, TX

Adoption Fee: $150

Eleanor (Ellie) is an approximately 8-year-old Border Collie who weighs 42 pounds and is pure sweetness. She is a low energy dog who is looking for a family that loves to take walks and explore all the adventures life has to offer. She has a lot to say and is very expressive in telling you exactly what she wants. She is very affectionate and looks for those times to cuddle and sit with you as much as you will allow her. She usually waits for you to tell her that it is ok to jump up in the chair with you, and loves sleeping at your feet in bed. There are never enough cuddles for this sweetheart. She is very patient, knows some hand signals, and will sit and stay. She enjoys the companionship of another dog, but it is not required. She loves walks, rides in the car, playing with toys, and any adventures you care to take her on. She is a true Velcro dog who will follow you from one room to another.

Ellie is great with kids, other dogs, and anyone that she has met. She is housebroken and can be trusted alone in the house uncrated. When she first joined us, she had obvious skin and ear infections along with a mammary tumor from not having been spayed previously. Sadly, it appears that she has suffered with chronic, untreated ear infections and hematomas which have affected her hearing and left her ears crinkled over (which we think is adorable on her!). While her hearing has been impacted, we have determined she can hear some things, mainly when in a quieter environment, and she is responsive to hand signals, which are always helpful for older dogs as they age and have declined hearing. She now takes daily supplements to help with her skin condition, which as you can tell by her pictures, has healed up very nicely. She had the mammary tumor removed and was spayed while with us; there was no sign of metastasis prior to surgery.

Ellie is now spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, heartworm negative and on monthly heartworm medication. She is being fostered in the North Dallas area and will require the adopter to travel to her within 7 days of application approval. She is available to adopt in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If you already have an application on file with us, you can send us a PM or email saying you are interested in Ellie.

UPDATE 1/29/23: Since Eleanor has gotten healthy, happy, and settled into her foster home, she has come out of her shell sooooo much more. She's got an adorable personality and enjoys playing with toys! We wanted to get an updated opinion on her age now that she looks and feels so much better, so she had another vet visit to discuss. The vet said she has the beginning of inherited cataracts that generally come on starting at 8-years-old, and she does not anticipate her even needing surgery for them. Based on her overall assessment, she is comfortable aging her at 8, so we've updated her bio to reflect that. She also got a 2nd photo shoot that shows so much more of her cute, happy, playful personality! This girl is a gem waiting on her perfect home!

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