Stats: 9 years old, female

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Intake: 5/14/2020

Adoption Fee: $150 


  • Home with a fenced yard

  • Only dog in the home

  • Patient, experienced adopter

Ella is a 9 year old, lower to medium energy standard Aussie who weighs 46 pounds. She is one of the sweetest and adorable girls you will ever meet! Ella is shy and hesitant at first when meeting new people in the home, but when introduced correctly, she will welcome them with kisses after a few minutes of sniffing and getting to know them (treats go a long way with this girl too!). Once she is comfortable, she is all snuggles and kisses everyday all day! She is a typical Velcro Aussie with her people. Ella loves going on rides in the car. She even enjoyed going on a trip to west Texas with her foster family. Some of Ella’s favorite things are snuggles on the floor, belly rubs, fetch, playing in the sprinklers or with the water hose, and catching bubbles. Ella wants to please her people constantly, so she listens very well when called or told to leave it, and praise is very effective with her. Ella knows basic commands such as sit, down, drop it, stay, and leave it. Except she might be hesitant to drop her tennis ball.

Ella loves spending the day with her foster mom when she works from home. She loves laying in the office keeping her foster mom company during quarantine, take much needed fetch breaks, and being the center of attention if she is spotted on zoom meetings. If Ella is left alone during the day, she does well when left in common areas. Ella especially loves to play fetch with her squeaky tennis balls and plush toys. Ella does have bilateral hip dysplasia and arthritis that are well managed with a daily joint supplement and anti-inflammatory meds that she will need to remain on for life ($23/month). Due to this, she typically plays fetch for 10-15 minutes at a time. After a short break, she will let her foster parents know she is ready to play again. Even though she wants to keep playing, she can get sore from overdoing it or if she steps wrong, so her family has to make sure she doesn’t overdo it. The vet has advised she should not be jumping, jogging, or taking part in high impact sports.

One of Ella’s favorite things are walks. She has improved tremendously when on walks. Ella may pull in the beginning of the walk because she is excited or because she is on a new trail/park. Once she is comfortable, she walks well on the leash. When she first joined us, she exhibited leash reactivity while on walks, but now with training practice including “look at me,” lots of praise, and reminders that she is okay, she has improved considerably and rarely barks at others. She may regress at first in a new home, but with patience and consistency in her training, her confidence will return.

Ella would do best in a home where someone is home most of the time for frequent potty breaks (she’s good up to 6-8 hours alone). She interacts well with children when they have visited her foster home, but since she does have herding tendencies, we suggest any kids living at home be over 12 years old. Ella will do best being the only dog in the home. When she believes the other dog in the home is misbehaving or when the other dog is being corrected by her foster parents, Ella thinks she needs to help correct the other dog. She has not been tested with cats.

Ella does not like fireworks or storms. There may be times when she might potty in the home (on her bed, rug, etc.) because she won’t go outside if she hears thunder or fireworks. She may also have stress accidents at first in a new place, but as she gets comfortable, this resolves. Otherwise Ella is potty trained, and will potty on command when outside. Again, she would do great if left home alone in common areas with other doors shut. Ella will never need to be crated and it is not recommended due to her joint issues. She is up to date on vetting, spayed, Heartworm negative, microchipped, and on monthly Heartworm and flea prevention.

Ella is being fostered in the FORT WORTH area and is available for adoption in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma. If chosen for adoption, you must be able to travel to Fort Worth within 7 days of application approval.


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