Emmy 1st week (2)
Emmy 1st week (1)

Stats: 2 years old, female

Location: Dallas, TX

Adoption Fee: $275


  • Confident/outgoing dog in the home

  • No children

  • Experienced and patient adopter

  • Private fenced in yard

This special girl is ready to find her forever home. Emmy Lou is a low energy, 2 year old, 30 pound mini Aussie. Her favorite things include eating snacks, hoarding and playing with toys, and napping. She also seems to enjoy short hikes.

Emmy Lou was found roaming in the country, likely with no human interaction and is still learning how to trust people. She has been in foster care for around 6 months now and is still learning how to be a normal dog and trust her people. She mostly likes to do her own thing and hangout in the room with everyone, usually on the couch or bed. Occasionally she will even cuddle up near you. She will come when called if treats are involved and will tolerate some light chest scratches. For the most part she is still a “feral” dog and may always be that way. She will need a patient adopter willing to let her do her thing with no expectations. We would love for her to eventually be the kind of dog that loves affection and completely trusts her people, but that may not happen for her.

She absolutely loves her toys and will go grab a new one every few minutes to chew on. She will even occasionally play fetch when she’s really excited. She does great on walks as well. It may take a minute to catch her to put a leash on but once leashed she walks in a perfect heel. She enjoys going out on a long line to “smell the smells” as well. She also rides well in the car and will load up on her own.

She does fine when left alone inside the house for the most part, but she can become destructive and have accidents when left alone for too long. As far as grooming goes, this is the trickiest aspect for her. She is fine with brushing, but that’s about it. She will not tolerate her feet touched to be trimmed, or baths. We need an adopter to be fully aware of this and prepared to have to go to the vet for sedated nail trims and dry shampoo baths only. While she is normally the type of fearful dog that will not react to stressful situations like being picked up or cornered to catch, she can be reactive when it comes to these grooming situations. She is also on an anti anxiety medication which is $30 a month, that seems to help her overcome some of her stress and be able to be herself more in a home setting. We will expect an adopter to continue these medications as long as she needs them.

We are requiring a home with other confident outgoing dogs since she relies on them for day to day life. She follows them around, feed off their excited energy, and will approach when the others do. She will occasionally play as well. She is also great with cats and ignores them.

Due to her timid nature we will not review homes with children. She would do best in a home with lower traffic so she can be given the best chance to bond and warm up her people.

We are wanting a foster to adopt home for her at this time so that she has more time to warm up to someone and the adopter is fully aware of her quirks before a life time commitment.

She is being fostered north of Dallas and is available for foster to adopt in Texas and parts of Oklahoma. You can complete an adoption application online at lonestaraussierescue.org/adopt. If you already have an application on file with us, you can send us a PM or email saying you are interested in Emmy Lo.