Stats: 5 years old, female

Location: Austin, TX

Adoption Fee: $275

This is Gemma Mae. Thanks to a small team of amazing volunteers she made it from a tiny town shelter in Oklahoma to her foster home in Austin.

She is estimated to be 5 years old and as you can see has a horrible eye injury, is badly overweight, and her coat is in awful condition and has mats throughout.


She saw one of our vets who said all sight is gone from the eye and it is very painful to her. Our plan of action will be removing it as soon as possible to relieve her persistent pain.


She is also positive for Erlichia (tick disease), so she has to go through a month of treatment for that before she can undergo surgery for her eye. We are waiting on bloodwork results to see if everything else is ok internally with her.


She also stands and walks oddly so when she can finally be spayed, we will have x-rays done to see if she has an old injury or just poor quality hips from bad breeding. Despite her pain, Gemma is one of the sweetest girls the moment she meets you! It was evident she likely never saw the inside of a home before as just the sound of the tv startled her. She is now resting and being pampered while we get her health issues under control.


Welcome to LSAR Gemma Mae!


Gemma is one of our more costly cases, but we committed to helping her to the best of our ability. If you're able to help us help her and other Aussies in need, it is greatly appreciated.


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