Stats: 13 months old, male

Location: Waco, TX

Adoption Fee: $275 + tax

Here is a short list of his requirements: 
⭐️No Kids 
⭐️6 foot+, secure fencing REQUIRED 
⭐️Patient, gentle person willing to help him come out of his shell and continue his socialization work with dogs and people 

Meet Hudson! Hudson is looking for a special home with a gentle, patient, but fun-loving family willing to help him continue building his confidence. 
Hudson is a medium energy, 13 month old , 36 pound boy. He bonds very quickly to his people and is a total lover , full of cuddles and goofy antics that will keep you laughing. He enjoys rolling on his back in the grass, bounding across the yard , flinging toys through the air, and most of all, snuggling up on the couch next to his people. 

When Hudson first came into foster care, he was terrified of everything and everyone. When he arrived at his foster home, he was terrified but gently crawled on the ground over to his foster mom and laid with his head down in her lap while she pet him. 

Hudson has made wonderful strides in gaining confidence and adapting to new people and places. He is a complete goober at home and loves to play fetch and collect all the toys he can find. 

If he gets startled he will still occasionally run to his room or crate, but quickly returns to check in with his foster mom and goes back to being her shadow. He is still skittish at times, but loves to run and roll outside, so a secure fenced yard is a must for him to safely get out his playful zoomies. 

He will now ask to be let out to potty, is crate trained, and is working on basic commands. He is shy, but is very curious and interested in everyone he meets. He will approach new people in the home and on outings as long as they crouch or sit down and are gentle with him. He loves for his chest and ears to be rubbed, and once you win him over, gives the sweetest kisses. 

Hudson LOVES to play with other dogs once he is comfortable with them. On first intros, he can be a bit defensive with dogs in his face and tries to avoid them, but corrects easily and quickly turns to a happy, playful boy once he knows the dog isn’t a threat to him. He loves his foster siblings and will bounce over to them with happy puppy bows until they give in to his plea for more playtime. 
He has shown some resource guarding toward other dogs when he first came, however he is easily corrected and has learned to share nicely with all the other dogs in the home. 

He would do best with an experienced owner and confident dog who will continue this training if it occurs again or as the only dog with continued socialization work with other dogs outside the home. 

He is interested in cats, but does well with them and respects their swats. 


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