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Stats: puppy, male

Location: TX

Intake: 05/29/2023

Adoption Fee: TBD

On Memorial Day we received an urgent message regarding a puppy whose leg had been completely ripped off.

We weren’t sure what had happened, but we knew this puppy needed help ASAP. We met the owners surrendering him at the emergency vet and sure enough, his front leg was gone from the elbow down. He had exposed bone and tissue that was already infected. It was stated that the neighbors dog may have attacked him, but the event was not witnessed.

The emergency clinic got him cleaned up and on pain meds and antibiotics. The next morning, we got his full amputation scheduled for June 1.

We can’t imagine the trauma Knox has experienced and the pain he was in, but he has shown incredible resilience and a wonderful personality through it all. We can’t wait to get this sweet little boy pain free and on his way to a happy, full life.

Welcome to LSAR Knox!

Adoption applications for this pet will not be accepted at this time. All incoming Aussies are evaluated for a minimum 3 weeks to allow to them time to decompress and receive any necessary medical care. Applications will be accepted only when the pet's full and complete bio is posted here/facebook. If interested in this pet, please look for updates on our facebook page or bookmark this page in your browser. Thank you!

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