Stats: 8 years old, male / 5 years old, female

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Adoption Fee: $375


  • No other dogs in the home

  • No young children in the home

You’ll get love times two with this sweet bonded pair! Koda is an 8 year-old blue merle who weighs 57 lbs. and Starr is a 5 year-old black bi who weighs 60 lbs. They are standard Aussies with low-medium energy (unless something exciting comes along) and are looking for their forever home together. Both are good on leash after some initial settling into the walk. They are fine going out separately, but function much better together.

Koda is friendly boy who won’t overwhelm you when first meeting. Once he knows you, he loves pets and attention and is a complete velcro dog with his family. Koda loves his people and wants to be where they are at most times. He readily comes when called and will be the first to greet you with a very excited wiggly dance. Koda is attentive and does the best on walks. He does well with a longer morning walk and additional evening walk if not too hot. Koda learns commands well, especially if treats are involved. He does fine uncrated in the home which is beneficial since he has some crate anxiety. Koda monitors the home to be the first to let you know if someone is nearby.

Starr is the beauty diva with a coat like black velvet. She is not outgoing with new people, but is polite and friendly. Starr maintains a bit more independence in the home than Koda, but is much more of a cuddler who would love to join you on the sofa or in your lap in a big chair! She can be as active as Koda, but generally likes to chill a little bit more. Starr’s diet and exercise need to be monitored to help her maintain her weight. She is also fine on walks on her own although she seems to gather confidence when with Koda. She has a more independent nature on commands unless she is following Koda’s lead, so continued work on this would prove beneficial. Starr will be attentive when Koda is getting pets or treats and quickly comes up to get her fair share of pets or belly rubs. Otherwise, she is fine to go off to another part of the house to rest.

Both Koda and Starr do well on car rides. Koda is always eager to load up for a fun trip! Starr isn’t nearly as eager on her own, but will readily load up if Koda goes first. They both dog well hanging out at a patio restaurant or accompanying their family on any outing. Both have free roam within the bedroom at night and although they would love to be on the bed, are perfectly fine on the floor or in their own beds. They have free roam of the house while their foster family is home.

They both have been good when meeting other dogs together, although do get excited. Starr has had some issues with dogs when on her own, so we are looking for a home where they will be the only dogs. They have not been around cats while with us, but their prior owner said they were fine with cats. Similarly, they have not been around kids with us, but their prior owner said they were good with kids. Based on their sizes and not always keeping mind of who they’re wiggling into, we recommend only older kids.

Koda and Starr are both spayed/neutered, up to date on their vaccinations, microchipped, Heartworm negative and on monthly Heartworm and flea prevention. They are being fostered in the DFW area and are available for adoption in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen for adoption, you must be able to travel to Dallas within 7 days of application approval.


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