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Stats: 1 year old, male

Location: North Dallas, TX

Adoption Fee: $275


  • No kids under 12 years old

  • Confident, outgoing playmate

  • ACTIVE home (more than just running around a backyard)

Kodiak (Kodi) is a 1-year-old standard Aussie who weighs 56 lbs. He is a medium energy Aussie who is looking for an active adventure seeking owner to enjoy life with! He’s a very affectionate boy who thinks he is a small lap dog. Seriously, personal space is nonexistent with him, so he would love an adopter looking for a cuddle buddy. He is still learning how to trust strangers, but once you’re friends, you’re friends for life. He gets along with all dogs and would benefit from a confident friendly dog in the home to look to.

Kodi has gone through 2 total hip replacements and a broken femur repair. Due to this, he is not able to compete in sports such as agility or disc. He is just like any other young Aussie though, who loves fetch and is obsessed with diving into the pool. He is also on a prescription joint supplement that costs approximately $60 every 2 months. He will also need an annual X-ray recheck with an orthopedic surgeon. The good news is, he was given special non-cement implants that should last him the rest of his life.

Kodi is housebroken and crate trained, but can be trusted out in the home. Though he is a true Velcro dog and would love someone that is home more often. He walks well on leash, responds quickly to his commands, and is great off leash. He is well behaved out public and enjoys going out for hikes, fetch in an open field, and even kayaking! He is a total fish and is obsessed with swimming/diving into the pool as well. He loves wrestling and playing tug with other dogs and could play all day if the other dog let him. He really acts like a goofball young puppy in a bear sized body. He also does well with cats. He will play with them if they want, or ignore them if they aren’t into it.

He does take a bit to warm up to strangers and gets uncomfortable when new people get in his face. He is all bark no bite though. As soon as someone new starts giving him treats he makes friends fast. He has made a ton of improvements in this aspect, but still has a ways to go. He does follow the lead on his foster siblings and would benefit from another dog to learn from.

Due to his hesitation with strangers, he may not be great in a home with kids and their friends running in and out. He is also very mouthy and treats your arms and fingers like a pacifier (he really is a big baby), which is not ideal for children.

Kodi is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, Heartworm negative and on monthly Heartworm prevention.

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