Stats: 8 months old, male

Location: Austin, TX

Adoption Fee: $325

Leo is an 8 month old, 40 pound high energy Aussie/Border Collie who loves to be with his humans all of the time. He is happy, sweet, and loving. Expect him to come slowly crawl on you when he wants attention. After a short snuggle, he will of course try to entice you to play with him. He loves to play tug of war and to chase balls around, and has been getting the hang of Frisbee.

After he gets some energy out, he is happy to hang with you inside while you work, but will be ready to get out and play at the end of the work day. If you are able to play a little bit over lunch or throughout the day, he loves having that mid-day break and play time. He does great in cars and would love to join you on trips or errands anytime he can. Leo is sweet and loves to meet new people and dogs. He is fine with dogs of all types, especially if they want to play with him.

Leo is highly intelligent and trainable. He can get a bit anxious with loud noises on walks (in downtown Austin - so pretty noisy and bustling) which causes him to pull on the leash sometimes. He has been using an Easy Walk harness and working on this, but will need continued practice as he gets comfortable in new surroundings.

Leo does loves children and is so excited to meet and play with them. He is very sweet to them, but sometimes can be a bit overzealous in his excitement to meet them for the first time. He loves giving kisses, but might inadvertently knock younger kids over out of excitement. We expect him to adjust to this with more interaction with kids and increased maturity and learning how to control his excitement. He does have a strong herding instinct, so he would most likely need correction on how to play with miniature humans who like to run as well as bikes riding close by.

Leo is fully house trained and has not had an accident in the house. He is also fully crate trained and is quiet when left in his crate. He has not been left to free roam while away, but he does free roam at night and has not had any issues. He is excited to greet you when you wake up, so he might try to jump up on your bed to lay on you as you start to wake up.

Leo is up to date on all vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, Heartworm negative, and current on Heartworm and flea prevention. He is being fostered in the Austin area and is available for adoption in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen for adoption, you must be able to travel to Austin within 7 days of application approval. 


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