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Stats: 3 years old, female

Location: Huuston, TX

Adoption Fee: $275

Lola is a 35 lb., 3.5-year-old Mini Aussie/Heeler. She may be a petite girl, but she has legs for days and loves to use them to run and play! She's very active and LOVES to be outside with her family. She would be the perfect companion for walking, jogging, hiking, etc. She walks well on a leash and enjoys taking in the new smells and responds to commands when it's time to move on. Lola loves going new places but can get a little anxious on car rides, so needs someone patient with her while she gets more accustomed to car rides. She would really make a wonderful family member for an active person or family. She is so happy about life and shows her joy with tail nub wiggles that shake her whole body!

Lola is very playful and likes to wrestle and play tug-o-war with her foster siblings. She gets along great when meeting new dogs and people both in public and at home. She is a very confident girl and interacts best with other confident, easy-going furry siblings. However, she's not the biggest fan of next-door dogs that bark/growl through the fence, but who is?! She's working on training to ignore the fence line and those silly neighbor dogs and has been doing very well since she’s highly treat motivated! Lola loves to play fetch, search for treats in a snuffle mat, and in general loves to play.... even wrestling with her favorite human. She enjoys meeting new people and is open to cuddles from everyone, but she has her favorites! Once she’s found her favorite person, she’s quite the Velcro dog!


As much as she loves to be active, Lola is also one of the best little cuddle bugs we've ever met. She will curl up for cuddles on the couch when it's time to relax. She will also curl up in the crook of your legs or at the small of your back when it's bedtime. She’s just the sweetest little cuddler. She truly loves one on one time with her favorite human, whether it’s some quiet time for uninterrupted cuddles or wrestling.

Lola is crate trained and house trained. She learns and adapts so quickly and is highly trainable as she's very smart. She may have her stubborn streaks sometimes but treats get her motivated! She has good manners about not trying to run out of doors and her foster family has worked with her on sitting before she can go outside to continue encouraging that good behavior and impulse control. She’s a mix of two highly intelligent breeds, so the more practice with training and mental stimulation she can get, the better!

She does well free roaming the house when alone if food and the garbage can are not accessible (again, highly food motivated, lol). Lola is a tactile learner and likes to learn by mouth, so while indoors having toys readily available will keep her entertained, and outside she'll need a little bit of a closer eye so she doesn't put things in her mouth she shouldn’t. She has been very good about not chewing on anything that wasn't hers while inside.

Lola is up to date on all core vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and current on heartworm and flea prevention. She is being fostered in Houston and is available to adopt in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen, you must be able to travel to Houston within 7 days of application approval. If you have an application on file with us already and would like to be considered for Lola, please email or message us!

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