Stats: 8 years old, male

Location: San Antonio, TX

Adoption Fee: $150


  • Only dog in the home

  • Patient adopter to let him fully settle in and show his playful silly side

Lucky is an 8-year-old, 65 lb., low-energy standard Aussie who is looking for someone to share his love and attention with and help him drop a bit more weight! He enjoys meeting new people, butt scratches and belly rubs, and long walks through the neighborhood.

When Lucky first came to his foster home, he was overweight and a little lost in his new environment. Now that he is at a more comfortable weight and settled into his foster home routine, he has shown us that he has a loving, goofy personality. We often catch him sleeping belly up with one leg straight up in the air. And when it is time for cuddles, he likes to inch his way in until he is snuggled up cheek-to-cheek with you.

Lucky loves people. He is a very laid-back dog, and it is often surprising to see how excited he gets when his foster family comes home or visitors stop by. He greets them at the door with a butt full of wiggles and will sometimes let out a little bark to show his excitement. He also enjoys meeting people at parks and farmers’ markets and has been friendly and gentle with all people, including children. He would love a home that would continue to take him out to dog-friendly places.

He has wonderful leash manners and loves getting out of the house for both structured walks and a good old fashion sniff around. He reacts well to meeting other dogs in public but can be pushy and jealous of dogs visiting the house, so Lucky will need to be the only dog in the home. He is also happy to jump in the car and go for an outing but can get car sick on longer rides. Aside from his excellent leash skills, Lucky knows basic commands such as sit, down, and paw. He also takes treats very gently.

He is house trained and will stand at the door and give a short bark to let you know he needs to go out. He initially showed some signs of missing his people such as barking and pawing at the door, but this has improved as he has learned his foster family’s routine, and he has shown he is trustworthy enough to have access to the whole house when left alone. He has also shown signs of storm and firework anxiety but remains relatively calm as long as his people are there with him or he is wearing his thundershirt.

Lucky does not show much interest in toys, but he has ways of making his own fun. He enjoys exploring the backyard, carefully guarding bird feeders, and occasionally digging after the mysterious critter in the ground. When there are squirrels at his bird feeders, he is very fast and takes his guarding job very seriously. He also enjoys watching the neighborhood through the front window.

Lucky lives with a dog-savvy cat in his foster home. He largely ignores the cat but can be disrespectful of the cat’s need for space if he thinks he can sneak a snack out of the cat’s dish. He also has a stubborn streak and will often give his foster the side-eye when asked to do something or use his size to push past people. We have been working with him on “wait” when moving through spaces and he has improved.


Lucky is up to date on all vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, Heartworm negative, and current on Heartworm and flea prevention. He is being fostered in San Antonio and is available for adoption in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen for adoption, you must be able to travel to San Antonio within 7 days of application approval.