Stats: 3 years old, male

Location: Dallas, TX

Adoption Fee: $275

Luke is a 3-year-old, 60 pound, male Australian Shepherd who is medium-high energy and needs an active adopter ready to exercise and challenge him. He does great with other dogs but is definitely more drawn to people. He hasn't interacted with any cats in foster care, but has made friends with dogs of all sizes and demeanors, plus grandparents, kids, you name it. His previous owner said he was raised around cats, horses, and cows and was well behaved around them all. He's a handsome and adaptable pup with a pleasing heart.

And if there's anything Luke loves more than humans, it's a tennis ball. He is a relentless fetch player - you'll want to invest in a Chuck-It for this one. He knows sit and stay - we've worked to nail down both, and we're getting much better about not darting out ahead when a door is opened. He does well off leash at parks, as he's more interested in you and that tennis ball than any squirrel.

Luke does pretty well walking on a leash, better if kept close to your side and best if he's gotten to run around a bit beforehand. He's learning not to pull, but will need continued work in his adoptive home. He is also a little anxious still in new places with new sounds. He gets a bit worked up and barks/whines at car doors slamming, horns honking, and other dogs barking at him. This has gotten significantly better in the few weeks I've had him. He just needs continued positive reinforcement to learn to keep his focus on his person when he’s feeling unsure.

Luke is a big cuddle bug - he'll want to be at your side all the time, and this includes at night. While he can go into his kennel for up to about 4 hours comfortably during the day, he's not a big fan of staying in there much longer, and doesn't want to sleep through the night in it. He's happiest up in the pillows with you! He will let you sleep in and is all about some tummy rubs in the morning.

All in all, he brings a fun, happy energy to the house, and once he's settled in and comfortable, is a total joy - he'll be the perfect addition to a loving household!

Must be willing/able to travel to the Dallas area if chosen as the best fit applicant for Luke upon application approval. The meet and greet will be in an outdoor location with reasonable social distancing measures taken. 



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