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Stats: 8 years old, female

Location: Austin, TX

Adoption Fee: $150

Miss Merle Louise is an easy-going Aussie who is a youthful 8 years old. She weighs right at 40 pounds currently after successfully losing 10 pounds while in foster care through routine exercise and diet. Her adopters will need to commit to continuing her weight loss regimen to help her finish out to her goal and live a healthy, full life.

She is the quintessential Velcro Aussie that follows her person from room to room and stays close on walks. She loves her morning and evening walks and lets you know how excited she is with wiggles and barks.

She walks well on leash and enjoys off-leash activities in appropriate areas where allowed with great recall. She knows how to “sit”, “give me five”, “speak”, “whisper” and “lay down” -all with a great attitude! She is a smart girl who is eager to learn more and happy to please!

She enjoys ball playing and frisbee and is good about bringing both back for more play or walking to the front door with the toy to let us know she has had enough!

This water girl will not pass up a puddle and really enjoys swimming in the lake! She would love frequent opportunities to splash and swim!

She is house-trained and has no issues being left alone uncrated and always has the Aussie wiggle to greet you when you return home. She sleeps well at night and is happy to rest by your side during the day. She is good on car rides and happy to jump in any car door that is open.

She has not shown much interest in playing with other dogs, but She is friendly and cautious with all dogs she meets and is very interested in greeting new people. She has shown to be non-reactive to cats and can easily share a home with them.

She came to us with matted hair and is nervous about brushing, but has quickly adapted to using a muzzle for regular grooming to keep her now gorgeous coat healthy. 

If you already have an application on file with us, you can send us a PM or email saying you are interested in Merle Louise.

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