Stats: 2 years old, male

Location: College Station, TX

Adoption Fee: $275

This handsome boy has joined LSAR and he has quite a story to tell.


He's 2 years old and wound up unclaimed at a small town shelter. We committed to take him in not knowing anything was wrong, only that he was out of time at an overcrowded shelter. We got a big surprise when volunteers went to meet him/pick him and they found him limping and a surgical pin sticking out of his leg!! Thankfully the local vet let us bring him in immediately and the orthopedic surgeon looked over the injury. The x-rays show he had a broken tibia previously that was set with a bone pin and never removed during recovery. 

Mickey's new surgeon has a plan to go in and remove the pin as it should have been, even though the head will remain stuck in his hock. He feels with care, exercise, physical therapy, and some NSAIDs, he can be pain free and hopefully use that leg again.

Despite his pain, he is happy and loving and we are glad to have him! Welcome to LSAR Mickey!!

We don't have the estimate for his surgery yet, but if you'd like to help us take care of Mickey, you can donate to help support him.



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