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Stats: 10 years old, male

Location: TX

Intake: 10/28/2023

Adoption Fee: TBD

This sweet boy joined us this past weekend. His name is Milo and there's no way around it, he's a sad story. He was also left behind by his "owners" when they moved away, out in a tiny country town. That might have been the best thing that happened to him. Again, some kind neighbors stepped in to help him and the others left behind with him. They knew Milo was in bad shape and they didn't have the resources to give him all the help he needed. They did get the fleas off of him, let him inside, gave him beds to lay on and lots of love while they reached out in hopes of finding him someone who could give him all the care he needs.

He's estimated to be about 10 years old and in short, he's a mess. The first thing that hits you is his skin and coat. He saw our vet yesterday and he confirmed it probably started as an allergy to fleas or environmental and just snowballed to this. He's started on all the fixes for that.

Next is his poor right ear - it's half torn off and what's left is crumpled down. The kind neighbor who took him in said she knew another dog had jumped him and that was the result, along with injuries all over his backend . The vet said what was left probably had repeated untreated hematomas and that's how it ended up.

Next on the visible parts, he is very stiff/sore on his backend and hind legs when getting up and moving around, and it was noted he can't jump up on a couch even though he wants to . X-rays and exam confirmed he has pretty bad arthritis in both back knees and it looks like chronic issues and inflammation with one CCL (knee) that was likely injured years ago and untreated. We've already started him on joint supplements and pain/anti-inflammatory meds to help.

Then he's high Heartworm positive to top it all off . Thankfully, the vet said his heart and lungs still sound good, and chest x-rays showed no changes to either at this point, so hopefully, we can stop it before there's more damage done. So he's starting the first steps for treatment of that immediately.

A little good news - his bloodwork came back fairly good for his age and condition! And of course, despite the physical mess he's in, he's just the sweetest boy who LOVES cuddling in his bed at his foster home and follows the family from room to room.


Welcome to LSAR Milo - we've gotcha now!

Adoption applications for this pet will not be accepted at this time. All incoming Aussies are evaluated for a minimum 3 weeks to allow to them time to decompress and receive any necessary medical care. Applications will be accepted only when the pet's full and complete bio is posted here/facebook. If interested in this pet, please look for updates on our facebook page or bookmark this page in your browser. Thank you!

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