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Stats: 1 year old, female (mini)

Location: TX

Intake: 7/24/22/

Adoption Fee: TBD

This is Pigeon - she's a 1 year old tiny mini. We thought she was 18 lbs., but she actually came in so very skinny at only 12 lbs. We're going to do some investigative work to see if we can figure out what's going on and why her prior owner said she couldn't gain/hold weight. While we always promote an IDEAL weight on dogs, we definitely don't want one struggling to get to an ideal weight.


Pigeon's other known issue is that she was born with a shoulder problem - we were told a vet saw her and said it was likely out of place when born (ouch!) and has basically stayed that way . She gets around fairly well, loves to run and play, but definitely shows it by limping afterwards. We know joints staying out of place set the dogs up for early and severe arthritis, so we want to do whatever we can to fix that and ensure a good quality of long life for this young girl! 

Adoption applications for this pet will not be accepted at this time. All incoming Aussies are evaluated for a minimum 3 weeks to allow to them time to decompress and receive any necessary medical care. Applications will be accepted only when the pet's full and complete bio is posted here/facebook. If interested in this pet, please look for updates on our facebook page or bookmark this page in your browser. Thank you!

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