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Stats: 10 months old, female

Location: Austin, TX

Adoption Fee: $325


  • Looking for active family with someone who primarily works from home or where she can accompany them to work

Remi is a 10-month-old medium energy mini Aussie who weighs 30 lbs. on her way to her goal weight 35 lbs. She is goofy, playful and loves to stick to her people. Remi doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She shares her toys, food, and ball with other dogs with no issue. She would love being in a home with other dogs her size who love to play or she’d be great as the only dog in the home as long as she has dedicated play dates and socialization. Remi isn’t always aware of her size as she’s still in the awkward growing phase so a toddler or little dogs may get stepped on or run into by accident. For that reason, she’d do best in a home with older kids who are sure footed and dogs her size or bigger.  Cats do not bother her if the cat is dog friendly. She is curious when she sees a cat run and she’ll follow them but not hurt them.

Remi is quite the squirrel hunter. She loves to stare out the window and watch for them for long periods of time. She often spends time scanning for them as soon as she gets in the backyard. Remi’s favorite place to be is in your lap or curled up in bed with you. She sleeps on her back with legs going everywhere and loves the comfort of a bed. Remi is great in her crate if she can see her people, but she does bark for a bit when you crate her to leave the house but settles quickly. Once she’s a bit older, Remi most likely won’t need to be crated. At night she doesn’t chew anything up when she’s loose in the bedroom. Remi loves to hang out in the home office with her toys while you’re on conference calls and she will show her face on the camera when she drops into your lap for attention.

Remi would be perfect for an active family who likes to get out for walks, hikes, car rides and incorporate her into their life both at home and out and about. Her beautiful soft eyes and loving demeanor will make her a perfect lifelong pet for her forever family. She’d be amazing at agility courses with the spring that she has.  he can clear a baby gate with no issue, but she never tries to get out of the fence when we’re outside together. Remi will still need to continue working on commands and to not counter surf. She loves food and she loves finding it! When Remi first entered the rescue, she weighed only 23 pounds and was so malnourished. All her ribs were showing. She has made great strides with eating three times a day to get up to her optimum weight, so can begin a maintenance regimen soon to stay at a healthy, ideal weight.

Remi can get a bit anxious and walk in circles in your office while on conference calls before she settles if she’s closed in the room, but you only notice visually; she does not make noise. Remi will sit and stay. She loves to fetch, and she’ll bring the ball back too but she’s still learning to drop it. When Remi wears her walking harness, she’s quite responsive on a leash and loves getting out.  Remi keeps herself entertained with non-destructive chew toys. And if you don’t love her already, wait until she lays her head on your arm or lap and stares at you with the sweetest different colored eyes while her ears go two different directions. Her fur feels like velvet too!

Remi is up to date on all core vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and current on heartworm and flea prevention. She is being fostered in Austin and is available to adopt in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen, you must be able to travel to Austin within 7 days of application approval. 

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