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Stats: 8 years old, female

Location: Houston, TX

Adoption Fee: $150

Rina is an 8-year-old, 35 lb mini Aussie lovebug. She is true velcro Aussie and can always be found within a few feet of her foster mom. She loves a cozy, safe spot to snooze, and her petite frame allows for some comical sleeping spots. If she’s not next to you, she’s likely smushed herself under a side table, between pieces of furniture, or even behind a toilet! On road trips Rina loves to settle in on the floor of the car where she’s snug as a bug.

She is an easygoing girl whose main prerogatives consist of kisses, treats, walks, and her favorite toys. One of her favorite past times is grabbing toys out of her basket and showing them off. She can be trusted to be left alone free roaming with no accidents as well.

Rina is a bit hesitant at first when meeting new dogs, but once she warms up to them she enjoys herding and playing tug of war. Her legs are much shorter than her Aussie foster brothers but she manages to keep up! She would do well in a home with or without other dogs; what’s most important to her is that her humans are nearby, so she would do best with an adopter who works from home most of the time.

Rina will dance around when she knows its walk time but is otherwise calm in the house with the exception of some zoomies every now and then. She is still working on reactivity when seeing other dogs on walks. Otherwise, she loves to stop and smell the roses along strolls around the neighborhood and will calmly accompany a trip to a brewery, shop, or restaurant.

She is patient and sweet with young children, and all humans alike. However, she is a barker when the doorbell rings, and likes to make her presence known to greet new visitors until she simmers down after a couple minutes and some welcome kisses for guests.

Rina came to LSAR from a vet’s office who her past owner surrendered her to due to her heartworm positive status and need for dental work. The vet’s office recognized how sweet Rina was and took her in to find proper help and placement rather than putting her down. They gave Rina her much needed dental and began heartworm treatment which has since been completed with her foster mom.

Rina is up to date on all core vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and current on heartworm and flea prevention. She is being fostered in Houston and is available to adopt in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen, you must be able to travel to Houston within 7 days of application approval.

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