Stats: 3 years old, female (mini)

Location: Waco, TX

Adoption Fee: $275


  • no young children (under 12 years old)

  • someone home more often than not (not a full-time worker that’s gone 6+ hours a day during normal times), or with the ability to take Rose to work with you

Meet Rose! Rose is a spunky, loving, playful, 3-year-old female mini Aussie. She is a solid medium energy and 34 lbs. Rose loves her humans and will follow them around everywhere in hopes of snuggles and playing with her favorite stuffies. Her current favorite things in life are chin scratches (and also belly rubs), people, wrestling with her doggy siblings, destuffing any and all toys, and peanut butter.

Rose came to the rescue a few months ago as an overweight, obviously bred, sick pup that was confined to a life of only-outdoor living. She had heartworms, untreated hypothyroidism, untreated discoid lupus (DLE), and her coat was as dry as pinestraw and very thin. Now, we are thrilled to say that Rose is an EXTREMELY spoiled indoor-only dog, treated for her heartworms, perfect weight, and her thyroid and DLE are under control! 

She does require twice-daily thyroid medication that she will need to remain on for the rest of her life (~$3/month). Her DLE is managed through Vitamin B1 supplements in her food as well as limiting time outside during peak sun hours to keep her nose from getting burnt. Her coat and skin have drastically improved with supplements and oils, both are a work in progress, and something that her adoptive family will need to continue working on.

Rose is such a fun dog to have around. She absolutely loves to sleep in bed with you and be on furniture, so these are a must in her adoptive home! She also has some quirky habits. She is a BIG chewer! But like a young puppy, it’s mostly a matter of not leaving things out for her to chew on. Rose is scared of any loud or unfamiliar noises (fireworks, storms, etc.) and she much prefers a quieter, more predictable household, which is why she would do best in a home without little humans that may want to run around and be loud. She is very attached to her people, and would love someone that works from home or that can take her to work with them. Rose really enjoys water, so if there is an opportunity to play or jump in the water she will want to take advantage. Feels so good in the Texas heat, she says! Also like a young puppy, her favorite place to swim is her water bowl - she enjoys dunking her head in and digging out all the water.

Rose is VERY playful with both people and most other dogs (she is not a fan of puppies). She does have an awkward play style, but has blossomed into a confident, happy girl, and playing is all she wants to do 24/7! She loves to zoom around the yard and wrestle with the resident dogs. It can take her some time to warm up with other dogs and she is working through some minor resource issues with new dogs in the home (not an issue with the dogs she lives with currently), but once she does warm up she will play all day! She would do best in a household with one other confident/even-tempered, playful dog that will give her the time she needs to adjust. Either in home with another dog or not, Rose needs an active owner that will continue socializing her with all sorts of new dogs and people.

Rose does extremely well with cats! She is playmates with the resident cat in her foster home. She will try to eat cat food/litter, so those things do need to be kept out of her reach.

Rose is crate and house trained, but because she likes to chew, she is not left uncrated while unattended. She is not a high-drive trick dog at all, but with time and repetition she has managed to learn the basics - sit, down, wait, leave it, spin, and is currently working on up.

Rose is being fostered in the WACO area and is available for adoption in Texas only. If chosen for adoption, you must be able to travel to Waco within 7 days of application approval.


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