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Stats: 6 years old, male

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Intake: 02/12/2023

Adoption Fee: $275


  • Private, fenced yard

  • No children

  • Confident and friendly dog in the home


This sweet boy is ready to find his forever home. Sport is a 6 year old Mini Aussie, weighing 34 lbs. He is a low to medium energy dog, who enjoys playtime with his foster sister and chasing a few toys. His favorite hobbies include sleeping, eating snacks, and going on walks.

Prior to being rescued, Sport spent some time living life on the road, so he tends to be nervous and timid around new people, and will take time to adjust to his new home. He is still learning how to trust his people, but has come a long way over the past 3 months. He usually likes to keep his own space, curling up on a dog bed or lying down in the middle of a doorway. However, once he’s comfortable, he will pick a space where he can keep an eye on his people or foster sister.

Sport is not much of a cuddler, except when a thunderstorm rolls through-- then he will climb in his people’s laps, looking for love and comfort. He tolerates pets and scratches, especially when there are treats involved. Sport will need a patient adopter that is willing to give him space and time to adjust, while also working to help him keep making strides in his socialization.

Sport's ideal home will include another confident dog or pack of dogs, as he gains a lot of confidence from their presence. He enjoys playing chase, wrestle, and tug of war with his foster sister. Sport will even get envious of his foster sister playing with people, as he watches as an onlooker, wiggling his nub and occasionally barking. Sport has made friends with every dog he’s ever met, and while he is timid with new people, has never shown an ounce of aggression. He would do great as a companion to another dog that is looking for a friend.

Because Sport is nervous of new people and loud noises, Sport will do best in a home with low to moderate traffic and, unfortunately, no kids. When people come in to the home, he will typically move to one of his safe spaces (either the crate, master bedroom, or behind the kitchen table). He would be fine with the occasional kid visitor.

Sport will collect and hoard toys, sometimes beating his foster sister to the thrown toy, just to carry it off and leave it in another spot. He has not yet learned to bring the toy back to be thrown again. Sport does wonderful on walks, quickly adopting a work mindset. When taken for walks in the neighborhood, Sport has no issue passing other people or dogs, and will walk right by dogs barking at the fence. When taken out to quieter public spaces (like a quiet brewery or coffee shop), he is nervous at first, but settles after 10-15 minutes. Although he will keep an eye on the door or where people keep coming from, he eventually settles down and won't even move when a waiter or waitress passes a few feet away. With enough trips and visits, he would likely settle even quicker in public places, so an adopter willing to take him out and about regularly to increase his confidence is a must.

Sport has never been left unattended outside of his crate for longer than 30 minutes when his foster parents are gone, but he doesn't have accidents in the house, unless spooked. At night time, he sleeps in the bedroom on the floor with no issues all through the night. As he’s gotten more comfortable, he has moved closer to his foster parents' bed at night.

If you already have an application on file with us, you can send us a message or email saying you are interested in Sport.

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