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Stats: 1 year old, male

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Adoption Fee: $275


  • Patient and EXPERIENCED Adopter

  • No children or small dogs

Tanner is a deaf, estimated 1 year-old, high energy Aussie mix weighing 38 pounds. His favorite things include playing and destuffing toys, chest scratches, training with treats, and play time! Despite being fully deaf, he is a very attentive and intelligent pup, quickly picking up most tricks and commands. He would be a dream dog for anyone with a high interest in training. He responds to several hand cues, including come, sit, down, shake, this way, touch, and leave it.

Tanner is still working through a lot of puppy behaviors and learning what is or is not acceptable. He typically responds to “No” or “Leave It”, but will expect treats in return for his good behavior. Tanner appears to get overstimulated when there is too much excitement and is still working on how to channel that energy. He has been moving towards grabbing toys when over excited, but there are certain things that he is still working at being ok with. He needs a strong leader type adopter as he can be very stubborn and try to push his limits. Due to these behaviors still needing work, he would not do well with children and is uncomfortable around them.

He’s still working on relaxing or grabbing a toy when bored or tired, rather than finding something to chew on. As a result, he will need to continue to be crated when left alone or unattended. Tanner is crate trained and will sleep in his crate overnight without crying and with minimal crying when his humans leave the home.

Tanner loves to play tug with his humans or the other dogs in the home, although when over excited he sometimes misses the toy. He walks great on leash, typically at the side of his humans, unless there is another dog, then he will walk in step. Tanner will also go on runs with his human and keep in pace with her. He is still working at passing other people or dogs on the same sidewalk as him.

Tanner has met no strangers and loves hanging out with other dog friends. He will play and chase them; however, he is still learning when a dog is done playing or if he is being too rough. He has done well when corrected by the other confident dogs and will respond appropriately. He seems to have a harder time accepting these corrections from small dogs and can be too rough with them.

In typical Aussie fashion, Tanner will follow his humans like a shadow and will often remain within eyesight. If one human disappears behind a door, Tanner will wait at the door and watch for movement under the door jam.


He is available for adoption in Texas and parts of Oklahoma. If you already have an application on file with us, please contact us

Please note: All our dogs are adopted as inside pets and family members only and all current or past pets in the home must have proof of being kept up to date on vaccinations and heartworm prevention – NO EXCEPTIONS.