Stats: 2 years old, male (mini)

Location: TX or OK

Adoption Fee: TBD

Short List of Requirements:

📍 No Other Pets In The Home
📍 A Quiet, Low-traffic Home
📍 No Kids
📍 Willingness to work with a professional
      trainer while in foster care to learn to manage and
      control his anxieties

📍 Experienced handler a plus


Because Taz has special requirements and needs a consistent and structured environment to learn in, we are looking for a “Foster To Adopt” home for him. This is a person who agrees to foster Taz while he is in the Rescue’s care and works on training, but has the intention to keep him forever and adopt him when he is ready.

Foster pup Taz has been doing great in his foster home! He's been working on basic training exercises, keeping his smart little Aussie brain busy, and building confidence to properly manage his insecurities. He's such a sweet boy with his foster family and has made such big improvements in his interactions with strangers in the home that we have tweaked his bio and are reposting it here in hopes of getting this sweet boy into his own forever home via fostering to adopt! If you're into snuggles, pets, and belly rubs, read on!

Taz is a 2 year old mini Aussie in need of a very special family committed to continued training work with him. Taz has shown anxiety with both new people and dogs and will react negatively when stressed. We had him evaluated by an experienced trainer for his behaviors and it was noted that he needs a quiet, low traffic home with no other pets and someone willing keep him very stimulated mentally while he works to reduce his anxiety and learns to manage new situations and his impulses properly. He came to foster care a very sweet boy and quickly attached to his foster parents. He loves to cuddle with them, play ball, and is a super shadow dog around the house. He is house and crate trained as well and a medium energy boy who is equal parts play and rest. If he’s with his people, he’s a happy boy.

Taz does have anxiety with new people entering his home and particularly with any fast movements, so has been introduced to a muzzle as part of his training. He is also reactive to dogs who enter his personal space so needs to be the only pet in the home. We are looking for an experienced handler or someone fully committed and willing to give Taz a chance to be the beloved member of a family. We are requiring that he remain in foster care through extensive training and re-evaluation with a professional trainer as needed.

Taz isn’t perfect and has issues to work through, but we and the trainer who evaluated him both feel he has the potential to work through these insecurities and learn to manage them properly in the right home and environment. He’s already showing significant improvement in his foster home by following the trainer’s advice.

If interested in fostering Taz and live in Texas or Oklahoma, you can submit an application here. Feel free to email or message us with any questions!


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