Stats: 12 weeks old, female

Location: Austin, TX

Adoption Fee: $325

Vida's Requirements:

  • No Small Kids

  • A playful and tolerant dog in the home who is also confident enough to correct Vida when she gets too rough to help her learn appropriate play behavior


We all see the beautiful, cute puppy in the photos. Vida is undeniably that puppy! She is an adorable, 12 week old , smaller standard Aussie. Vida is deaf and likely has slight vision impairment, but has no idea as these don’t set her back at all.

But what you don't see until you meet her, is her love and excitement towards her family. Anyone who interacts with her will quickly see her spunky, strong willed ways that are mixed in with tons of kisses and snuggles. Vida thrives with routine and structure which includes plenty of naps, potty breaks, play time, training, and of course love! So here is the good, the bad, and the beauty of Vida.

The Good:

She is Super smart with great instincts; Hands down she is impressive!

She understands hand commands: Come, Sit, down , and No. To get her attention, we tap her just above the nub of her tail to start the command. Vida is super smart and learned these commands very quickly.

She does great with her harness and leash and loves to explore the outdoors as she’s very curious about her surroundings.

She also enjoys bath time and water (sprinklers) as well as playing fetch, keep away games, and tug-o-war.

She is Kennel trained at night and has done very well with that. She is a shadow dog during the day and wants to be anywhere her people are.

The “Bad”:

There isn’t too much to say here for precious Vida, but she is a puppy after all so is still working on normal Aussie puppy quirks like play biting and herding instincts. Lots of Chew toys are a must and she needs very consistent corrections from the whole family to continue to learn that those sharp puppy teeth can hurt!

Potty training is still in progress as well, but she’s made great strides. Every time she is given the opportunity to go outside, she does her business. She is starting to roam towards the door to signal and will have that skill in no time with consistency in her new home.

And the Beauty:

She loves all people and wags her nub in excitement when anyone walks into the room. She loves her snuggle time, belly rubs and kisses. Vida would like me to express this to you right now, that she cannot receive too many of any of these for her liking.

She also loves other dogs and loves to play with them. She does need a dog that is good in giving proper corrections to teach boundaries in play in case she gets too rough.

Vida will do best with a confident and well mannered dog in the home to be her role model.

The resident cat has stayed close by peripherally, but he is unsure of the puppy. Vida is sure that she wants to play with cats, so at her young will just need supervision to learn how to properly interact with any kitty friends of the home.




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