Stats: 10 weeks old, female

Location: TX

Adoption Fee: $325

Welcome little Vida into our rescue! Vida is an 10 week old Aussie puppy. She is deaf and slightly visually impaired, but she is a very happy, playful girl and has no clue she’s different!

Unfortunately, Vida is the result of an accidental merle to merle breeding, something that should always be avoided as each puppy has a 25% chance of being born deaf, visually impaired, or both. Luckily, Vida’s owners surrendered her to LSAR so that we can make sure she goes to a responsible forever home with someone that loves her just the way she is. Welcome to LSAR, Vida!

** We are NOT YET accepting applications for Vida. She will remain in foster care a minimum of 3 weeks (late May, early June) while we get to know her and the type of home she will do best in, as well as get her caught up on vetting. You can keep an eye out for her full bio once available for adoption and submit an application at that time. 


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