Stats: 9 years old, female

Location: TX

Adoption Fee: TBD

This sweet senior girl is Violet. We estimate she's at least 9 years old. She was found in bad shape in a rural area of OK known for dumping dogs. She could barely walk and was obviously sick. Thankfully our friends with BCSAVE stepped up and got her in to see a vet ASAP before she made her way to Texas. Since she is an Aussie, they reached out to us for help!


She was suffering from a very bad case of pyometra from never having been spayed, which led to a massive infection in her uterus. She went into surgery to remove her uterus and hopefully get the infection under control. She also had x-rays done on her leg to see if it was broken. The x-rays showed a spot on her shoulder bone that they don't think is a fresh injury, but couldn't tell for sure if it is a tumor on the bone or muscle atrophy around the bone from an old injury left untreated. 


We're going to give her a month of rest and recuperation, along with gentle therapy and controlled walking, then have x-rays done again to evaluate. Aside from all her ailments, Violet seems to be a sweet old girl who is soaking up the love and good care.


Welcome to LSAR Violet!

If interested in Violet, please look for updates on our facebook page or bookmark this page in your browser. Applications will not be accepted until she has been fully evaluated and her full and complete bio posted here/facebook. Thank you!


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