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Stats: 6 years old, female (mini)

Location: Dallas, TX

Adoption Fee: $275

Willow is a 6-year-old lower energy Mini Aussie who weighs 30 lbs. on her way to her goal weight of 22 lbs. and is one of the most people-oriented dogs you’ll meet! It only takes a minute for her to meet a new person before her little nub is going a million miles a minute. She’s Velcro is the truest sense of the word and wants nothing more than to be with her person, whether hanging out at home, out and about walking, or on any adventure!

Willow was an obese 38 lbs. when she joined us so has been on a strict weight management diet and regular exercise to help her slim down to a healthy weight. She’s so much livelier now that she’s not toting around that extra weight, but needs someone committed to helping her finish reaching her goal weight.


She LOVES going anywhere and everywhere with her person – she’ll bound right up in the truck for a ride and walks nicely on leash for her daily walks. She’s been a weekly regular at the hair salon and made visits to stores, parks, and a senior living center.

Willow has lived with multiple dogs and a cat in her foster home and seamlessly co-exists with all. She can be a bit nervous at first meeting new dogs, so likely is not a dog park candidate, but is polite meeting new dogs on walks, etc.

Willow is very affectionate and LOVES snuggling up with her person for attention. She’ll happily bound up on the couch or bed for some loving but isn’t obnoxious about it. She sleeps contently on a dog bed at night by choice. Willow has perfect house manners, is completely housebroken, and is trustworthy left home alone uncrated.

Willow is up to date on all core vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and current on heartworm and flea prevention. She is being fostered in Dallas and is available to adopt in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen, you must be able to travel to Dallas within 7 days of application approval. If you have an application on file with us already and would like to be considered for Willow, please email or message us!


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