Stats: 9 months old, male (mini)

Location: Waco, TX

Adoption Fee: $150


  • Special Medical Needs (please read full bio)

  • Financial stability to continue cardiology follow up visits/echos/meds

  • No Small Children

Zeus is a 9 month old mini Aussie who is a goofy puppy full of personality. He is currently 31 pounds with just a couple more to lose.

He loves every person he meets and wiggles his butt in excitement any time he sees someone new with potential to love on him. He has done well with other dogs and greets new friends excitedly, although isn’t much into playing with them other than here and there. He would be thrilled to be the doggy star of his home with loads of human attention along with plenty of adventures and playtime.

He gets the zoomies at times, but much prefers flinging around toys and tug or fetch with his people. Plenty he can choose from to chew and squeak are a necessity to keep him entertained and happy.

What Zeus doesn’t know is that he has a congenital heart defect that is expected to greatly shorten his lifespan. He has a severe form of Subaortic Stenosis and resultant Left Ventricle enlargement. His heart has to work hard to pump blood to the body and he is at high risk for lethal arrhythmias (sudden collapse). He was started on a Beta Blocker twice a day to both ease the workload of his heart and help prevent those from occurring. This is currently only about $9/month. He will need to have checkups with a cardiologist to adjust his meds as needed and check his heart’s status. Currently, the cardiologist recommended a repeat echocardiogram (~$700) in 5 months to track progression.

Unfortunately, even with medication and management, the average dog with this diagnosis is expected to live to an age of around 3 years or less. His cardiologist advised to let him live life to the fullest with no formal exercise restrictions and that’s exactly what he’s ready to do.

Zeus has no clue of his prognosis and is currently a medium energy, fun-loving boy. He can get a little too exuberant and mouthy when playing, so needs a firm owner to set limits for him. For this reason, a family with small children is not a good fit.

He is eager to please and quickly catches on to new commands. He is highly food motivated, although came to us obese, so his family will need to be careful to keep him at a heart healthy, lean body weight. He will happily work for toys or portions of his meals as well.

Zeus is great in the car and loves long walks to explore, so is looking to find an active, social family to let him tag along as many places as he can with you. He loves being with his humans as much as possible and he’s great on a leash as well!

He is now house and crate trained and knows several basic commands. Zeus has not lived with cats, but has done well meeting them in passing. He does also have a small prepuce (opening to his penis) that occasionally causes him to get urine on his stomach. This is easily managed by quickly wiping him down after bathroom breaks and keeping his tummy hair trimmed.

Zeus is up to date on all vaccinations, microchipped, Heartworm negative, and on monthly preventatives. Both the cardiologist and his primary vet did not feel the benefits of neutering him outweigh the high risks of putting him under anesthesia, so he will not be neutered. It is absolutely critical that he does not have contact with any intact females and strict adherence to this is necessary to adopt and will be followed up on.

Zeus is being fostered in Waco and is available for adoption in Texas and some areas of Oklahoma only. If chosen for adoption, you must be able to travel to Waco within 7 days of application approval.


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