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Lone Star Aussie Rescue (LSAR) is an animal rescue organization founded in 2017 with the goal of assisting Australian Shepherd dogs in need. 


Our home state of Texas–as well as neighboring states–has a large population of Aussies in need. Since Aussies are working dogs and a herding breed, they are quite common in our particular region. Coupled with low spay/neuter rates, stray concerns and the spread of heartworm, many Aussies find themselves displaced and in need of rescue, rehoming and, in many cases, veterinary care.


Aussies are brought into our rescue from local animal shelters, humane organizations, found as strays, or by owners who are no longer willing or able to properly care for their Aussie.


With these pups and various situations in mind, we created LSAR and are dedicated to helping as many Aussies as possible. Our rescue team is made up of Aussie owners, experienced fosters, and dog lovers ready to do their part to help displaced Aussies find health and forever homes! See all our "Tails" of Success so far!


By working together...


  • We can save animals from unfavorable domestic situations and unhealthy environments.

  • We can rescue dogs from high kill shelters and unnecessary euthanasia.

  • We can help dogs get the veterinary care they need for better quality of life, as well as spay and neuter procedures.

  • We can offer a dog in need a safe place to lay their head and get the wag back in their tail or nub.

  • We can help dogs find their true forever person or family. 

  • And, we can educate and spread awareness of animal issues, like abuse, hoarding, and overpopulation that plague our four-legged pals.  


We can make a difference!





  • In 2016, there were approximately 9,000 stray dogs in Dallas, Texas alone

  • Texas is among the top 10 states in the nation for heartworm infection

  • Some animals, depending on the shelter, only get held for 72 hours before being euthanized 

  • As of 2017, in Southern Dallas, only 15% of dogs were spayed or neutered

  • 40% of animals in shelters are surrendered by their owner

  • 44% of homes in Texas own a dog

  • Homeless/stray animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1

  • In 2000, Dallas had the highest euthanasia rate in the nation

  • Over 3 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters each year and approximately 670,000 are euthanized

  • 90% of animals in shelters are considered healthy and adoptable pets

  • Nationwide, only 10% of animals received in shelters have been spayed or neutered

  • There are only 5,000 animal shelters in the U.S. and some estimate 70 million stray animals 


“We made a surrender to LSAR. They made a difficult time for us as comforting as possible. I was immediately in contact with a representative through FB messaging and a follow up phone call for scheduling. We gave as much information as possible on our surrender form to better help LSAR evaluate and help with her fostering to find a more active home she deserves. Communication and understanding our circumstances was spot on. They did not make us feel bad or inadequate for surrendering, in fact they reassured us that through a rigorous foster program and socialization our Aussie pup would be matched with a forever family. We already miss her and a few tears were shed, but they allow us the ability to see how our Aussie progress' towards finding her new home, we are delighted to know that she is going to an assertive fostering group that can continue her on her way to learning, health, and happiness, as she is so eager to please and will bond easily.


Miss ya gal! I know the 1st few days will be hard on you as well for us making adjustments, but just know we realized we were holding you back and that you deserve the active lifestyle and outdoor fun we are currently incapable of. We love you Patty and wish you the best. Godspeed.


Thanks LSAR you know who you are.” 



   January 8, 2018

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