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Adding a new pet to your home is exciting for all involved, whether its your first dog ever or an extension of your existing pack. Before selecting a new furry friend, you'll probably find yourself trying to answer a boat load of questions, such as what kind of dog you want, where to find the right pet, and how will they be cared for properly. Digging into the details and discussing how this new being will become a part of your family will help ensure you are ready, willing and able to take on a new K9 companion and offer them a forever home.

Since you're visiting us, its safe to say you are probably thinking about getting an Aussie. We don't blame you!! We love our Aussies to pieces, but you'll want to make sure you are up to the task of caring for this intelligent, driven breed. We'd also like to encourage and support your choice to adopt from a reputable rescue regardless of breed. Please visit our About Us page to learn more about our organization.


With that in mind, we've compiled some questions, facts and tips to consider before bringing home any new four-legged friend.

Still have questions about adoption? We are happy to help as best we can! Just drop us a message to get the conversation started.


When you choose to adopt (not shop) from a rescue organization like LSAR, your choice has a positive ripple effect that changes not just one life, but many! Here are some advantages of adoption from LSAR:

  • Each pet available for adoption is up-to-date on their vaccinations and has received a comprehensive exam by a veterinarian

  • We will work with you to determine if a particular pet is a good match for your home based on our experience and time spent with each dog 

  • During a Meet and Greet with a pet's foster parent, you'll be able to see the dog's true personality, which may not be as clear in other, more stressful environments

  • LSAR pets live in temporary foster homes and are prepped to transition into their permanent homes 

  • When you adopt from LSAR, your family and new pet can begin a new adventure together AND we are able to rescue another pet in need to fill the new vacancy 

  • You'll become part of the LSAR Family! We know the breed, we love the breed, and our team will be here when you need us for questions or just to share.

  • Adoption through LSAR supports future rescue efforts, rather than purchasing a pet from a puppy mill or pet store that does not work with a local shelter or rescue


Need a running partner?

Aussies are active dogs who enjoy and need physical activity. They like going for walks, hikes, even a swim, and excel in dog sports like agility and frisbee. Are you up the task of keeping your Aussie busy?

A bunch of wise guys!

Aussies are one of the most intelligent breeds. Their natural smarts make them receptive to training and they enjoy the mental stimulation of learning tricks, playing games and solving puzzles. Do you have the time to properly train an Aussie?

All in the family!

Aussies are considered "velcro dogs" and will seemingly stick to their humans, often following them around the house. Loving and loyal, they make great family pets and really thrive when included as a true member of the family. As such, Aussies can be protective of their humans and a bit weary around strangers. Do you need an absolute social butterfly?

We've got brains and beauty!

We think Aussies are simply gorgeous. Thankfully, their gorgeous coats don't need as much care as you may think. Along with basic grooming, a good weekly brushing and the occasional bath, when dirty, will do the trick. Aussies, however, do indeed shed. Are you ok with some extra vacuuming?


Life Span: 13-15 years

Weight: Male: 55-70 lbs. / Female: 35 - 55 lbs. 

Height: Male: 20-23" / Female: 18-21"

Colors: 4 colors (black, red, red merle, blue merle); 3 markings (tan points, white markings, white points + tan markings)


Our friends at PetFinder estimate annual dog care expenses can range between 


$766 - $10,350

for first year expenses

This cost range varies greatly depending on several factors, such as quality of dog food provided, vet care and daily items you may need to purchase. If you'd like to see a detailed breakdown to help you create a more personalized cost estimate, please click here.​


MYTH: Rescues only have dogs with behavioral issues or illness.

FACT: Dogs come to rescues/shelters for a variety of reasons, many of which are no fault of the dog. Popular reasons include moving, new baby, "allergies," or simply because the dog is no longer a small puppy. Approximately 90% of homeless animals are considered healthy and adoptable.


MYTH: I want to adopt a puppy and rescues only have adult pets.

FACT: Rescues get their fair share of pregnant moms and/or litters. Pregnant moms and puppies require attention that may not be possible in a crowded shelter. Rescues will opt to pull the whole family to ensure they stay together until the puppies are old enough to be safely adopted. Overall, the average age of dogs entering U.S. shelters (or rescues) is just 18 months old.


MYTH: Rescues just have mutts and I want a particular breed.

FACT: 25% of the dogs that enter shelters are purebred, and there are many, many, many breed-specific rescues, such as LSAR. Finding a dog with the breed traits you are looking for is indeed possible.


MYTH: Adoption fees are too expensive.

FACT: Dogs available through a reputable rescue, like LSAR, are adopted out healthy, spayed/neutered (puppies excepted) and with up-to-date vaccinations. When you take into account necessary veterinary care, procedures and medication alone, adopting from a rescue is actually at a savings to the adopter both in time and money. 

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