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When we rescue a pet, our ultimate goal is to see them meet their forever family and receive the love and care they deserve. Occasionally, we encounter cases where that goal is more difficult to realize. And so, with broken hearts and tear-stained cheeks, we see precious pets cross the Rainbow Bridge far before what we dream. 

This portrait gallery is dedicated to the pups who were with us for a brief time, but have impacted us so greatly. They will always be a part of the LSAR family and it is in their memories that we continue our work.

Would you like to help ensure pets make it to their forever home? Please consider getting involved in any way you feel comfortable. 


In Her Memory

With a big open heart for displaced senior pets, our very first rescued pet was Rosie, a lovely 12-year-old, black bi Aussie with touches of gray in her muzzle. She was the first dog a small group of people came together to help, and that was the beginning of LSAR.


Rosie was found wandering the streets and taken to a shelter, where it was determined she was heartworm positive, and in such poor shape, the shelter was going to humanely euthanize her at the end of her stray hold, if not reclaimed. They were kind enough to let us take her and try to make her whole again. From the first person who ever met her to the very last, everyone agreed you'd be hard pressed to find a sweeter, gentler soul. We brought her back to health, treated her HWs, got her a desperately needed dental, and removed a large tumor from her side. She battled through a bad bout of pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and what x-rays show was most likely a tumor on her lung. We kept her as comfortable as possible at every stage.


Unfortunately, Rosie was not destined to live out many more of her golden years with an adoptive family. Despite our best efforts, she passed just under one year after being rescued, while in foster care. While we hoped for a different outcome, we found joy in knowing she experienced true love, care, and devotion when she needed it most.  


She left an everlasting impact on us and will always be in our hearts and at the root of what we do at LSAR.  

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