Stats: 4 years old, female

Location: Forth Worth, TX

Adoption Fee: $275

**Ginger normally has a long, beautiful coat, so please do not apply for her if you like her current "short" coat.

Ginger is a beautiful red merle with a TAIL! She’s a low to medium energy small standard at 40 lbs and is 4 yrs old. and her markings are gorgeous. She was a breeding dog who was being given away and landed softly in rescue with her breeding days behind her! Ginger settled in right away into a foster home with dogs, cats, chickens and other farm animals. While we are still working on a few things to make her the “perfect” pet, we are amazed at how GOOD she is knowing she was never an inside dog! She has not had any accidents, and gets along great with the other dogs. She does have interest in chasing the cats, and is not sure why these “dog savvy” ones don’t run... When they don’t run, it’s not fun, so she doesn’t bother them.

Ginger is a cuddler. She loves men and women the same. She is excellent with children, although we are still teaching her not to jump on people. It is not a rambunctious jump, it’s more like she gently lifts her front paws off the ground to stand on her back legs to get on your level. Lol. She is super friendly, outgoing and confident. She loves to be held and loves to be with her people. She does well in the crate, goes in when you ask her to, and is quiet and relaxed in it. She is not food aggressive, but she LOVES feeding time and starts bouncing around and gets super excited about eating. She is slightly thunderphobic - as in she doesn’t want to go out in it and wants you to sit by her until it passes. It is more of a quiet nervousness rather than extreme anxiety. She also does not like loud noises or raised voices, but just looks uncomfortable and nervous. She sleeps on the foot of the bed at her foster home. She likes to play with the resident pups and has finally started playing with a ball and does bring it back to you some of the time.

Ginger rides well in a car and is confident and happy. She does need continued work on her leash manners as she pulls some, but is easily corrected. She could be trained to jog with you, go to the office with you, etc. as she listens very well, enjoys being around people, and WANTS to please you. She knows sit, stay, and ALMOST shakes. Her recall is perfect and she loves to hear you say her name.

Ginger is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, Heartworm negative and is being fostered in the Fort Worth area. 


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