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Stats: 3-5 years old, male

Location: Dallas, TX

Intake: 02/04/2024

Adoption Fee: $275


- Confident/outgoing dog in the home

- No children

- Private fenced in yard

This special boy is ready to find his forever home. Shiloh is a low energy, 2-5 year old, 50 pound standard Aussie. His favorite things include eating snacks, following the cats around, chasing squirrels, and napping.

Shiloh was dumped in a warehouse district and after 3 weeks animal control was finally able to trap him. While he likely has had zero socialization, he also seems like he’s been severely abused and is still learning to trust people. He has been in foster care for around 4 months now and is still learning how to be a normal dog. When he first came to us, he was completely shut down and terrified. He spent weeks just tucked into the back of a crate, having to be forced outside just to go to the bathroom. With a leash on, he would just fall flat to the ground and refuse to move and he would tremble when anyone got close or touched him.

Now, he mostly likes to do his own thing, but wants to be near people. You can tell he wants to trust people so bad and is always challenging himself to come out of his shell. He absolutely loves to be pet when he’s comfortable. If you are in one of his “safe zones” like the couch or in bed, he will paw at you for scratches and even stand directly on top of you. While he has his safe zones where he is most comfortable, he will also explore the whole house and yard. He never goes into a crate anymore and just stays on his “perch” aka the couch. He will go in and out on his own, even with people standing in the doorway, and he walks very well on leash. He still is not a fan of the leash, but he tolerates it, and has perfect leash manners. For the most part he is still a “feral” dog and may always be that way, but he continues to make progress. He will need a patient adopter that will let him warm up at his own pace and understand he will never be a dog park/patio dog.

He is getting to the point now where he will chew on toys and bones. A couple times he has been interested in playing with the other dogs, but he still isn’t sure about that one. His favorite activity is stalking the cats. He totally respects them if they swat and tell him to back off, but if they are into chase he has fun. He also rides well in the car and will load up on his own.

He is great when left alone and has never gotten into anything. He is fully house trained, but does need some encouragement to go outside when it’s storming. He is not a fan of storms or loud noises, but he shows his fear by just sitting close to you. He is one of the most tolerant dogs I’ve met and even though he is nervous about a lot of things, he will not fight you or react. Whether it’s for a bath, nail trim, brush, being picked up, blood draw at the vet, etc. he just freezes and lets you.

We are requiring a home with other confident, outgoing dogs since he relies on them for day to day life. He follows them around, feeds off their excited energy, and will approach when the others do.

Due to his timid nature, we will not review homes with children. He would do best in a home with lower traffic so he can be given the best chance to bond and warm up his people. He does seem to do well when new people come over though and will approach them for pets. He also has adjusted very quickly with temp fosters while his regular fosters travel.

We refer to him as just a large cat, because he will just hangout on the couch all day and come to you when he wants attention. He is an incredibly easy dog to manage day to day and just wants you to be happy with him. Even if he is doing something you don’t like, all it takes is a quiet positive voice correction and he stops.

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