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We understand sometimes situations arise or circumstances change and properly caring for or owning a pet may no longer be in the animal's best interest. As with any Aussie, we'd like to help them find forever homes if foster space and rescue funds allow.

We receive rehoming request daily. So with this mind, we ask that you please read below to learn more about this process and decide if its the right choice for you and your pet.


A brief form is also available (link at right) to gather preliminary information regarding your pet. 

Fill out a quick questionnaire to relay information about the pet you'd like to surrender. 


If you are considering rehoming your pet, please review the following to see what you and your surrendered pet can expect.

Please note: Because we are a breed-specific rescue, we focus solely on offering services to Australian Shepherds only. If you have a different breed of dog breed or other mixed breed, we encourage you to please find an alternative rescue, such as non-breed-specific rescue.  

​​ ​​

  • We are completely foster-home based, so we don't have a "shelter" facility and do not put our rescue dogs in boarding.  

  • Each pet is fostered in a loving home while we get any needed vetting caught up and their behavior is evaluated to determine/confirm what is the best home environment for them to be adopted into.  

  • Once an Aussie is ready for adoption, we have a stringent screening and application process, which includes a background check, vet check, personal references and an in-person home visit.

  • We try to match each dog with the applicant that will provide the best-fitting home and lifestyle for the dog, focusing on applicants experienced with the breed.

  • Once adopted, we stay in contact with adopters and have a clause in our Adoption Contract that the dog is to come back to us if they can't keep them for any reason.


Please be aware you must surrender your pet and relinquish all ownership rights. LSAR will assume complete ownership of the pet until they have been successfully adopted by an applicant of our careful choosing.


If you'd like to submit an inquiry to determine if LSAR may be able to rehome an Aussie currently in your care, please fill out the form below.


The questionnaire is only a preliminary step. Completing the form does NOT guarantee a place for your pet in our rescue, nor does it request you relinquish ownership of your pet. 

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